About the Sketchbook

Tsukimori’s Sketchbook is a place where the imagination takes shape accompanied with my mascots Noru, Ryota and Taku.
The website will be constantly changing during the year with projects in different fields such as illustration inspired once in a while by events like Halloween and end of the year holidays, typographical tests, photography, 3D concepts, etc.
If you want to stay connected, feel free to follow me on my social networks.

About me

Hello, I’m Tsukimori and I take this opportunity the creation of the Sketchbook to share in further detail my universe.
I’m freelance graphic designer since 2013 and I work in several fields such as visual communication, illustration and 3D design. My sources of inspiration comes mainly from Japan (both traditional and modern) and France.
As for the part Drawing, my wish is to mix the two cultures through my work. My inspiration is also found in nature, design and art in general and in the Sci-fi and Fantasy novels.
You can find me on my blog but also on my portfolio.

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